Pet-A-Palooza Photo Contest

Copy of Photography Contest Flyer Template

Photo Contest Guidelines

Do you have a pet at home that you are dying to show off? Register below for a chance to win...

  1.  Use the link below to register for the contest.
  2.  Submit one photo per pet. Ex: If own two (2) dogs, you must register each pet as a separate submission.
  3.  Must attach photo to your pet registration. Photos will be required for judging.
  4.  Must agree to the photo release at the bottom of the registration page. 

Photos should be submitted of the pet only. No family members or other animals should be present in the photo submission. This allows for accurate judging and helps process our winners more efficiently. 


Judging will occur on Monday February 8th between the hours of 8:00am-5:00pm. Depending on the number of submissions, our department will release the results no later than Tuesday February 9th. The following guidelines will be used for judging.

  1.  Best in Show: This pet shows personality, good looks, and is sure to turn heads when they walk in the room.  
  2.  Most Creative: Pets and owners go hand-in-hand. How creative can you get to put you pet at the top of the list?
  3.  Most Unique: Do you have a unique pet that you would like the world to see? This category is open to endless possibilities including farm animals, house pets, and everything in-between. 


  1.  Best in Show: $50.00 Gift Card of your choosing.
  2.  Most Creative: Pet Gift Basket
  3. Most Unique: $25.00 Gift Card