Burgaw Blueberry Drop

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2022 New Year's Eve Blueberry Drop Committee

"Happy New Year To All" - Blueberry Drop Committee
  • Cody Suggs, Burgaw Parks & Recreation
  • Dee Turner, Pender County Parks & Recreation
  • Doug Shipley, Assistant County Manager
  • James Gantt, Town Manager
  • Jim Hock, Burgaw Police Department
  • Jim Taylor, Burgaw Fire Department
  • Kristin Wells, Town Clerk
  • Olivia Dawson, Pender County Tourism
  • Pete Cowan, North Carolina Blueberry Festival
  • Tammy Proctor, Pender County Tourism
  • Zach White, Pender County Parks & Recreation
  • Stephanie Key, Pender County Tourism
  • Jaliese Blackburn, North Carolina Blueberry Festival
Watch the 2021 New Year's Eve Blueberry Drop Below