Burgaw Blueberry Drop

Watch the 2021 New Year's Eve Blueberry Drop Below
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"The Town of Burgaw, Pender County, and the North Carolina Blueberry Festival welcome the return of the annual New Year's Eve Blueberry Drop on December 31st". Read on.... Press Release

3rd Annual Blueberry Drop

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2020 New Year's Eve Blueberry Drop Commitee

"Happy New Year To All" - Blueberry Drop Committee
  • Cody Suggs, Burgaw Parks & Recreation
  • Dee Turner, Pender County Parks & Recreation
  • Doug Shipley, Assistant County Manager
  • James Gantt, Town Manager
  • Jim Hock, Burgaw Police Department
  • Jim Taylor, Burgaw Fire Department
  • Kristin Wells, Town Clerk
  • Olivia Dawson, Pender County Tourism
  • Pete Cowan, North Carolina Blueberry Festival
  • Tammy Proctor, Pender County Tourism
  • Zach White, Pender County Parks & Recreation
  • Stephanie Key, Pender County Tourism