Eye on Water Graphs

Hourly, Daily, Monthly and YearlyEoW - Graph Change

The most information rich feature is the bar graphs provided with data on your water usage. These graphs can show how much water you used down to the hour on a specific day, making them extremely effective for finding water leaks or identifying higher water usage times if your bill is on the high end. 

Switching between these graphs can be done in two ways, one is shown to the right by clicking on the top buttons to narrow down your data. The other is double clicking on a individual bar, as shown below. This will bring you into the next data ’step’, so if you double click on a certain day while looking at monthly data, it will open up that day. 

Please be mindful of the scale on the left side of the graphs when comparing data. The scale will change depending on which data you have selected and it can seem like there is a lot of usage until you look to the left and realize the scale has changed to single gallons versus hundreds. 

EoW - Hover DataWhen you hover your mouse over a bar a small pop-up will appear showing the flow rate (how much water went through the meter), when the read was and what the current meter reading was at that time.

Currently our water meters will only show down to the hour, the minutes option is not available.

Comparing DataEoW - Compare

If the data is available, clicking the button next to the bar graph icon will bring up a comparison of previous data, depending on what data set you are looking at (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).

The new data will show up in green behind the current graphs and can show how well you are saving water from the previous day/month/year. 

This comparison can be used in any of the data graphs so if you’re looking to see how a new appliance might be saving you water after installing this is a good way to check!

Additional Overlay Information / Endpoint Communication ErrorsEoW - Missing Data

For various reasons your endpoint might have issues communicating with our system gateways. If this happens Eye on Water will try its best to fill in the data gaps in the graphs, though this is not always an accurate representation of how your water was used. Endpoint communication can be interrupted several ways including electrical issues, gateway maintenance or objects blocking communication. Often times we see ’grey outs’ like these when a car is parked on top of the meter box. 

If the outage occurs over a longer period of time the graphs will try to average out the usage. When this is happening leak alerts will not show. It’s important to check your water usage regularly if your endpoint is known to have issues communicating. You can always call Public Works at (910) 259-2901 if you see constant grey outs in your charts. 

Please note that although the data might not show up on the chart, this does not mean your meter is not reading! The endpoint is used to communicate with our gateways around town and the Eye on Water system, it has nothing to do with your meter’s ability to read the water used. The endpoint is attached to the meter and simply digitizes the data to make it easier and faster to read. If necessary we can still manually read water meters that have endpoint communication issues.