Eye on Water Home Screen

A Quick Look at the Home Screen

EoW Labels

The Eye on Water home screen has several different modules that will help you monitor your water usage and keep an eye on leaks.

Below we’ll go into a little detail to explain each of the different modules. 

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Current Leak Status

Weekly Averages

Frequency of Reads

Hour, Month and Year Usage Graphs

Current Leak StatusEoW - Leak Status(2)EoW - Leak Status

This module will show any current leaks at the address, when the leak started and how large the leak is in gallons per hour. By clicking the ’Set Leak Alert’ button you can set up alerts that will be sent to your e-mail and/or mobile phone number in the event a leak is detected. You can find out more about setting up leak alerts here.

Eye on Water classifies a leak as any usage > 1 gallon per hour and the leak must have been running for a consecutive 24 hours. Any breaks within that 24 hour period will not trigger the leak alert. 

Because of the 24 hour rule, any leak that is intermittent during the 24 hour span will not trigger the alert, even if the leak only stops for one hour. For example, if a 50g/h leak has been leaking for 22 hours and stops at that 23rd hour then starts back up again at the 24th hour the leak alert will not trigger. We always encourage our customers to keep an eye on their water usage by logging in and not relying on leak alerts alone.

Weekly Averages

EoW - Weekly UsageAt the top of the home screen your weekly averages will show, comparing what your totals were for the last 7 days of water usage and the previous 7 days. It will also give you a 30 day average of your usage per day. 

Frequency of the Meter ReadsEoW - Reads

Your meter is equipped with an endpoint that talks to one of four different gateways around town. This endpoint is what electronically transmits your meter data to the Eye on Water system. 

While the endpoints are transmitting data around the clock, the data available in the graphs provided will lag behind. Generally Eye on Water is about 2 hours behind the current time, so if it’s 10AM the latest reads you will see will be from 8AM that same day.

Hourly, Weekly and Monthly Bar GraphsEoW - Usage Graphs

These graphs are the main feature of Eye on Water and give an exceptional amount of data when it comes to your water usage. 

The graphs can be broken down by the hour on a specific day, daily throughout a month, monthly for an entire year or year to year. 

We will go into more detail on how to read these graphs on a separate page.