Eye on Water

Eye on Water is a free service that comes with all utility accounts in the Town of Burgaw. This service lets you:

  • Monitor your water usage down to the hour
  • Set up leak alerts that will email and/or text when a water leak is detected
  • Compare your usage from previous days, weeks, months or even years
  • Each account can house multiple address for property owners
  • Comes with a companion app for phones or tablets

Your water meter is equipped with an endpoint that talks to one of four gateways throughout the Town of Burgaw. These gateways read the information the endpoint sends and updates your Eye on Water account, showing your water usage in simple to read bar graphs.

Setting up your Eye on Water account is quick and easy, you just need your water bill and a supported web browser. 

We’ll walk you through singing up step by step so you too can be water aware!

1. Signing Up

2. Getting Familiar with the Home Screen

3. Utilizing the Water Usage Graphs

4. How to Set Up Leak Alerts