Floodplain & Floodzone Information

The 100-Year Floodplain

The term "100-year flood" is misleading because it leads people to believe that it happens only once every 100 years. The truth is that an uncommonly big flood can happen any year. The term "100-year flood" is really a statistical designation, and there is a 1-in-100 chance (or 1 percent) that a flood this size will happen during any year. Over the course of a 30 year mortgage, there is a 26 percent chance of flooding within the 100-year flood zone.

Flood Mapping Program

Are You in a Floodzone?

The Town of Burgaw's Planning Department can provide Map Information Service, giving flood zone determinations, maps and related information to insurance agents, developers, citizens, and any inquirer.

The office can provide site-specific information including basic Flood Insurance Rate Map information (FIRM), Additional FIRM information (floodways, etc), Base Flood Elevation information, etc.

Flood Protection Assistance

The Planning and Inspections Departments also provide Flood Protection Assistance: one-on-one technical advice and/or assistance through phone calls and site visits about property protection from flooding and drainage issues.

Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificate copies are available upon request for many properties located within the Town's jurisdiction.