We provide water, sewer, and garbage to residences located within the Town Limits. If you need to request service with the Town, please contact us by phone at 910-663-3445 or email customer service.

For service at properties with a Burgaw address, but located outside of Town Limits, please contact Pender County Utilities at 910-259-1570.

Utility Service Requirements

Any customer requesting services will complete either a Residential Utility Application (PDF) or a Commercial Utility Application (PDF)  and agreement for services. The customer will provide:

  • Photo Identification, and social security number (for collection purposes-NC GS 105A-3(c)) or Federal Tax ID in the case of a business account
  • Signature on the application
  • Online credit check. The current cost to the applicant is $5. The customer may pay a deposit of $300 and waive the credit check
  • Customers requesting same day service should complete the application process before 2 pm in order for Public Works employees to provide service

Read our Utility Policy (PDF) to learn more information.

Residential Accounts

Deposits for residential customers are determined by the online credit check and range from $0 to $150 based on the results. The fee for the credit check and the deposit must be paid in full prior to services being connected. If a credit check cannot be completed because social security number is not provided, the deposit will be $300.

Business Accounts

Business deposits are based on anticipated usage of the business or similar existing business in the Town of Burgaw and Town staff will consider the nature of the business conducted, number of employees, square footage of business, or the Town staff may consider businesses outside the Town of Burgaw with similar uses. Business accounts are required to provide a Federal Tax ID and signature of an officer if it is a corporation or the social security number and signature of the owner of an unincorporated business.

All deposits are maintained by the Town until termination of service. Schedule of fees for commercial accounts are as follows:

Commercial Utility Deposit (Based on average estimated monthly usage)

0 - 3000gallons
 $    140.00

 $    280.00

 $    775.00

 $ 1,350.00

 $ 2,650.00

100,000 +gallons
 $ 2,750.00minimum

Per gallon rate based on current fiscal year's approved budget for the Town of Burgaw.

High Volume Users

Deposits for high volume users will be determined on a case by case basis based on the best information available. For existing businesses that change ownership or discontinue service in one name and reestablish service in other name, the deposit will be based upon the average monthly usage over the last 12 months of service. 

For new businesses, deposits will be based on the anticipated usage, as determined by town staff, based on any existing similar uses present in the Town of Burgaw. Similar uses used for comparison will be determined based on the nature of the business conducted, number of employees, square footage of business, as well as other factors that are typically present with similar uses. Deposits may also be based on usage of similar businesses outside the Town of Burgaw.

Note: All previous balances associated with an existing business must be paid in full prior to the establishment of a new account in the event of a business relocating within Burgaw.

Helpful Resources

For questions regarding new utility service, please email the Customer Service Representative at Town Hall or call at 910-663-3445.